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05 November 2012

Good Day,

Yes, this is my 1,000th post to A Genealogy Hunt. And I thought I would eventually run dry of journalizing my search and research efforts of my genealogy. T’ain’t so! The more I keep searching the more I keep finding… the more I have to write about.

Today I am continuing my search and research into the lines of the Pariza, aka Parasaya aka Parisaya aka Parizo… and I think, aka Parisée Family. The issue now is to determine the next generation back from CK’s ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza.

To date I have not been able to find any credible documentation that would allow me to connect ggg–grandfather Leo Pariza to his parents, or CK’s gggg-grandparents. What I have found is, in number of mentions in the section Family Trees on, where the parents of Leo Pariza are Timothy Pariza and Katherine Grenier. Information is not sourced.

In a number of the documents that I have on file, the birth location for ggg–grandfather Leo is given as – Canada (French); Can – French; Canada French; Canada – French; and Canada. You get the picture. Canada is a bloody big country. It is like saying "she was born in China". The other factor is was he born in Québec, New Brunswick, Manitoba, or even across the river from Ottawa. (And Ottawa is in Ontario, in Canada.)

I have sent out a number of e-mails to those persons who have included the ancestry and relative connection of Timothy and Katherine (née Grenier) Pariza. I am waiting for response.

In the meantime, as I am waiting, I believe I have discovered a possible connection. All things being equal I would hope that the creator of the family tree on may have some knowledge or even family history that logically justifies the relationship.

I've included the captured image of a portion of the family tree showing the Pariza Family connections and relationship. I have added, with the green lines, gg–grandfather Willard Joseph and his brother gg–granduncle Harold L., as I have discovered based on the sources and documentation on file.

I certainly welcome and would appreciate any information and data, questions and ideas that may provide any clues to the identity of ggg–grandfather Leo Pariza’s parents.

Stay tuned, I believe I may have found a Canadian link.




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