Part 795p - Smith Groh Genealogy - 1881 Baptism - GGG-Grandaunt Malvina Parisé - Port Daniel, Quebec, Canada

09 November 2012

Good Day,

At times, in the field of genealogy it appears that all paths are blocked and all doors are closed. And then again at other times it seems that there is a slight glimmer through the crack in the doorway. Following my assumptions I have continued to pursue and investigate the surnames Pariza and Parisaya.

In this case the glimmer is The Drouin Collection. The Drouin Collection, of which there are 2,366 microfilms, includes over 25 million Vital Records (of all religious denominations) from Quebec, Ontario, Acadia, United States and other. A major part of the Collection is the Quebec Vital and Church Records, 1621-1967. The complete set is available for the paltry sum of only $75,000.

As luck would have it, a good portion of The Drouin Collection is available via

From The Drouin Collection – Québec Vital and Church Records, 1621-1967, I discovered the 1881 Baptism registration for one Malvina Parisé.

The following is a download of image 319 of 543 from The Drouin Collection.

My transcription -


Port Daniel
Cte Bonaventure

St. Georges


Le six Mars mil huit cent quatre-vingt
un, nous prêtre sousigné, avons
baptisé Malvina, née la vielle du
légitime marriage de Thimothé Parisé,
pêcheur et cultivateur, et de Catherine
Grenier, de cette paroisse. Parrain:
Napoléon Parisé; marraine Angé-
lique Roussi, qui ont declaré ne
savoir signer. Le père absent.
Lecture faite.

N. Lévesque

And my translation -


Port Daniel
County Bonaventure

St. Georges


On March 6 one thousand eight hundred eighty-one, we the undersigned priest, have baptized Malvina, born before, of the legitimate marriage of Thimothé Parisé, fisherman and farmer, and Catherine Grenier, of this parish. Godfather: Napoleon Parisé; Godmother Angelique Roussi, who declared they could not sign. The father was absent. The Reading was done.

N. Lévesque

There are a number of facts in this Baptism Registration that parallel and also may correspond to the possibility that this is the record that I am searching for. The main point is that Malvina Parisé’s parents are Thimothé Parisé and Catherine Grenier. This compares highly to the information previously discovered that Vina Parisaya’s parents were Timothy Parisaya and Katherine Borrow. This is also provides a logical conclusion that Leo Pariza’s parents were presented as Timothy Parisaya and Catherine Grenier.

There is also the possible confirmation that Vina (née Parisaya) Wallnitz, who was Alvina Wallnitz is and was Malvina Parisé.

The next question is and does this proof of possible collateral lineage provide substantial proof for proof of CK’s blood line to ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza? Just wait. And if Malvina (née Parisé, aka Vina Parisaya, aka Alvina) Wallnitz was CK's ggg-grandaunt, it would be then possible that Thimothé (aka Timothy) and Catherine (née Grenier, aka Borrow) aka Parisaya, Parisé were CK's four-times great-grandparents.

Wait until I have deciphered that which I have found. And I do have a Clooz Report B00004 on file. Please let me know if you would like a copy.

Stay tuned, and enjoy,



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