Part 796p – Smith Groh Genealogy – 1881 Canada Census – Parisée Family – Port Daniel, Bonaventure, Quebec, Canada

10 November 2012

Good Day,

And genealogy is never static, especially when it comes to the research of dates and names associated with our ancestors.

Per Wikipedia, Port-Daniels-Gascons is a municipality in the Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine region of the province of Quebec in Canada. It was formed on 17 January 2001, through the merger of the Municipality of Port-Daniel and the Parish Municipality of Sainte-Germaine-de-l’Anse-aux-Gascons. The population as of 2011 was 2,453.

The inserted image is the Harbour at Port-Daniel-Gascons taken by David Asch, 2010.

My search has now turned up an 1881 Canada Census for District 38 of Bonaventure County, Port Daniel 1st Division. Included in the 1881 Census is the Thimothé (aka Timothy) Parisée Family. Is this the Pariza, Parisaya, Parasaya, Parisé, Parizo Family that I am looking for?

The credible and corresponding facts included in the document are:

- The youngest daughter is Malvina Parisée. She is one-month old which corresponds to the Baptism Registration dated 6 March 1881. (See Part 797p.) (There is some documented data that Malvina, aka Vina, aka Alvina was born in Wisconsin. I believe that the notation is not necessarily correct and I will address this discussion in a later post.)

- Her parents are Thimothé (aka Timothy) and Catherine Parisé.

- Port Daniel, Bonaventure, Quebec, Canada corresponds with subsequent documents which relay that the Pariza, et al, Family originates from Canada.

- The 1881 Census enumerates that the “Origin” of the Parisée is “Française”, French.

- The youngest son’s name is Leon and his age is enumerated as “2”. This would mean that he was born in either 1878 or 1879. This may correspond to similar information provided and found for ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza.

Here is my highlighted copy of the 1881 Canada Census for the Parisée Family. It is downloaded via the Library and Archives Canada and

And the following is my Clooz – Canada Schedule No. 1, 1881, Nominal Return of the Living – CCAQU000001.

And now to search for the origins of ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza? Or should I say Parisé?




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