Part 798p – Smith Groh Genealogy – GGG-Grandfather Leo Pariza – Or Should I Say? – GGG-Grandfather Pierre Léandre Parisé

12 November 2012

Good Day,

21 documents on file! It took 21 documents to determine the actual origin of ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza aka ggg-grandfather Pierre Léandre Parisé.

When I assist others with researching an ancestor there are always two things that I generally have to re-iterate time-and-time again.

The first is that an ancestor’s name is never what one expects it to be. Time and people change their names, not necessarily by intention of the individual ancestor… But, it is always possible that somehow and somewhere what one was named when they were born, may be completely off the search mark when they pass away. And here we have a perfect case; in 1878 ggg-grandfather’s name was registered as Pierre Léandre Parisé. In 1942 he was registered for the World War II Draft as Leo Pariza. There are similarities but I had to go through 21 documents to prove the actuality of the two, and changes thereof, names.

Here is my Clooz listing summarizing the current 21 documents that I have on file for ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza.

The second key factor that one has to always take into account is that dates are never set in stone. No pun intended, because even the dates inscribed on a memorial or a gravestone may not be the actual or true date. My advice is always when searching for the vital records of an ancestor one should allow oneself a leeway of five years either way from a possible set date. Always take into consideration that there may be errors of registration, enumeration, and even the ancestor actually knowing the actual date.

And the search continues. There are two other key documents, relating to ggg-grandfather Leo that I need to track down; his marriage and his death.

I will keep looking.




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