Part 797p – Smith Groh Genealogy – 1878 Baptism – GGG-Grandfather Pierre Léandre Parisé – Port Daniel, Bonaventure, Quebec, Canada

10 November 2012

Good Day,

Is genealogy a name game?

Leo Pariza = Leo Pierre Pariza = Leon Parizo = Leo Parisaya = Leon Parasaya = Leon Parisée = Pierre Léandre Parisé

And all are CK’s ggg-grandfather Leo.

Using the 1881 Canada Census, as displayed in Part 796p, I decided that I should, all-things-being-equal and using The Drouin Collection, locate a Baptism Registration for ggg-grandfather Leo.

No such luck. I have been able to locate the Baptism Registrations for all of his two brothers and three sisters. But I could not find one specifically for ggg-grandfather Leo. My immediate thought was that either he was never baptized at the local church, or at some point in time, his parents had him baptized at some other Roman Catholic Church.

I decided that it was now necessary to examine every possible Parisé Baptism Registration for Port Daniel. Using both the Library and Archives Canada and I conducted a search for the surname Parisé around the year 1878. I learned that there are about 75 immediate records, in French, that fit my search specifications. I elected to check out each and every one of the 75 records.

Guess what I found? I discovered an 1878, 22nd of September Baptism Registration for one “Pierre Léandre Parisé”. And his parents were Thimothé and Catherine (née Grenier) Parisé. These were the same parents of Malvina Parisé. This had to be ggg-grandfather Leo. And then it hit me… “Leo” could be a diminutive name for “Léandre”. In French, Leon has a closer phonetic sounding to Léandre than it does in English. In French – Leon is pronounced – “Laay-own” while in English it is pronounced – “Lee-on”. Léandre in French is pronounced – “Laay-awn-druh”, in English “Lee-an-drah” This has to be ggg-grandfather Leo, whose name at birth and baptism was “Pierre Léandre Parisé”. Bingo!

Here is the cut image of the 1878 Baptism Registration for ggg-grandfather Pierre Léandre Parisé. I have downloaded it from The Drouin Collection.

And my attempted transcription –


Cte Bonaventure

St. Georges


Le vingt deux Septembre mil
huit cent soixante et dix-huit,
nous prêtre soussigné. avons
baptisé Pierre Léandre, né le huit
du même mois du légtime mariage
de Thimothé Parisé, pêcheur et culti-
vateur, et de Catherine Grenier,
de cette paroisse. Parrain
Paul Chapados; marraine:
Louise Pommier qui ont
déclaré ne savoir signer. Le père
absent. Lecture faite.

N. Lévesque

L'eux cent trente du même famille.

My translation –


Cte Bonaventure

St. Georges

B: 17

On the twenty-second of September one thousand eight hundred and seventy-eight, we the undersigned priest, baptized Pierre Léandre, born on the eighth of the same month, of the legitimate marriage of Thimothé Parisé, fisherman and farmer, and Catherine Grenier, of this parish. Godfather: Paul Chapados; Godmother: Louise Pommier, both who reported that they did not sign. The Father was absent. The reading was done.

N. Lévesque

The one hundred and thirty of them, of the same family.

And I am not sure what the additional line on the second page at the top means or has to do with the Baptism Registration.

I have created a Clooz Reporting – Birth Record for Pierre Léandre Parisé – B00003. Please contact me if you would like a copy.

And now we know that gg-grandfather Willard Joseph Pariza’s parents were ggg-grandparents Leo and Mary Pariza. GGG-Grandfather Leo’s parents were gggg-grandparents Thimothé and Catherine (née Grenier) Parisé. At this point in time, I have now constructed, beginning with and including CK, seven generations of the Parisé Family Line.





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