Part 800gp – Smith Groh Genealogy – 1867 Marriage Registration – GGGG-Grandparents Thimothé and Catherine (née Grenier) Parisé – Transcription, First Attempt

14 November 2012

Good Day,

The genealogy search and research into the ancestry of Parisé Family Line continues... and I need your eyes.

From The Drouin Collection I have discovered a 20 August 1867 Marriage Registration for gggg-grandparents Thimothé and Catherine (née Grenier) Parisé. I am currently working on the transcription and translation of the actual Registration from French to English.

The most difficult part of this work is the actual transcribing of the writer’s entry of the Marriage Registration. Once the transcription is complete I can then translate the actual document. Any assistance in reviewing and working on the entry certainly would be appreciated. You can forward me your attempt directly to my email address.

One definite thing that I have been able to assess from the actual Registration is that gggg-grandfather Thimothé (aka Timothy) Parisé and gggg-grandmother Catherine Grenier both were a widower and widow, respectively, at the time of their marriage. The name of gggg-grandfather Thimothé’s first wife was Julienne Chapados. The name of gggg-grandmother Catherine’s previous was Romain Huard. From my research all four surnames; Parisé, Grenier, Chapados, and Huard were very common to the Port Daniel, Quebec area.

Here is a copy of my downloaded image.

And my attempted first transcription. I have left blanks at those points where I am having difficulty in deciphering the script.

M. 14

Thimothée Parisé
Catherine Grenier

Le vingt Août mil huit
cent soixante sept après les publications de
trois bans de Mariages faite aux prône de notre
Mass Paroissiale entre Timothée Parisé veuf
Majeur de defunte Julienne Chapados de la paroise
de St. Georges de Port Daniel d'une part & Catherine
Grenier veuve Majeure de défunt Romain Huard
due cette paroisse d'autre part & aucun _____
ne d'était présente et _____ les dispenses du trois _____
troisième du quatrième du _____
& celle _____ trois _____ _____ accordias Par
Le Réocrende Mejor Nicolas Audet Vicaire Général
du la Diocèse Nous prêtons _____ soussigné avons recue
leur Mutuel Consentement de Mariage _____ _____
____ de Prudent Grenier _____ de l'épouse et _____
Grenier frère de l'épouse les quels _____ led épouses
ont declare _____ savoir _____

_____ G. Fournier _____

The work continues.




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