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16 November 2012

Good Day,

The work on the genealogy of the Parisé Family Line continues. I have been trying to dig deeper back into the ancestry of the family in the Gaspé Peninsula of Quebec in Canada. It appears that I may have been able to discover documents and data that traces the lineage back another 100 years to about the 1730s. It is amazing what can be revealed once a brick wall is broken down just exactly what key family evidence may turn up.

The big issue of course, is the transcription and the translation of all the French documents. The translation is not the difficult part as I can read and speak French… and there are tools such as Google Translate. The part of the exercise that can be somewhat tedious and frustrating is the actual reading and transcription of the registered script and penmanship.

Here is the new updated Parisé Descendant Chart.

I have updated the Parisé Descendant Chart to include most recent and relevant Post Part numbers. The added letters and numbers to the right of a name in the Descendant Chart, for example, C-P85p, can be used to locate an image of some of the documents as they appears in A Genealogy Hunt; B = Birth; C = Baptism/Christening; M = Marriage; D = Death or Burial; W = Will; I = Item of Interest; 85p = Part 85p. The small letter “p” represents a surname; in this example b = Parisé. New and updated data may be entered in red. A red or blue and yellow symbol represents the actual blood line.

I am currently working on the transcription and translation of gggg-grandfather Thimothée Parisé’s two marriages registrations. The 1867 one to gggg-grandmother Catherine Grenier and his first one, in 1865, to Julienne Chapados. Any assistance in the transcription would be appreciated.

If you have any comment, question, though, and idea please feel free to contact me.




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