Part 803p – Smith Groh Genealogy – 1866 Death – Julienne (née Chapados) Parisé – Port Daniel, Bonaventure, Québec, Canada

22 November 2012

Good Day,

Two nights ago supper was Korean… a twisted version of Mandoo Guk, a Korean Dumpling Soup…pork and corn dumplings in a chicken soya broth, bean sprouts, bird chilies and a squeeze of Sriracha. We couldn’t get enough. Secret to frozen dumplings in broth, and a fresh soup, in order that they don’t get too, too mushy… bring broth to boil, drop in dumplings, and then immediately turn to simmer. Once dumplings are done and floating on top, add bean sprouts and other fresh ingredients. Couple minutes more, then serve. It was great… quick and easy. I wonder if I will ever get bored of cooking.

At this exact moment I have three of The Pack in/on the chair with me as I type my entry to A Genealogy Hunt. One, in my lap, and two curled up behind me. The two others are on the floor. It becomes a challenge of canine balancing while I attempt to type my thoughts.

My genealogy research and search goal this time was to determine the reason that and why CK’s gggg-grandfather Timothée Parisé married twice successively in 1865 to Julienne Chapados and in 1867 to gggg-grandmother Catherine Grénier.

There are multiple and variety of reasons that could incite two immediate and successive marriages. One of the prime issues for a second marriage that I have discovered in the course of the time, that I have been researching genealogy, is that a wife may pass leaving her widower with an infant and/or a number very young children.

Julienne (née Chapados) Parisé died on the 5th of July 1866 in the Parish of St. Georges. A note of discovery is that her Death Registration, S.11, was entered under her maiden name, Chapados. She was buried in the Parish cemetery 7 July 1866.

From The Drouin Collection and via I have discovered the 1866 Death Registration. I have downloaded the images.

My attempt at transcribing –

S. 11

Le sept Juillet, mil huit cent soixante six,
nous prètre soussigné, avons inhumé dans
Le cimetière de cette paroisse, le corps de
Julienne Chapados, épouse de Thimothée
Parisé, décédée l'avant veille, en cette
paroisse, à l'âge de vingt cinq ans.
Présents: Paul Chapados, et Edouard
Parisé qui n'ont su signer.

N. Lévesque _____

My translation –

S. 11

On 7 July, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six,
we the undersigned priest, have buried in
the cemetery of this parish, the body of
Julienne Chapados, wife of Timothy
Parisé, who died two days before, in this
parish, at the age of twenty-five years.
Present: Paul Chapados, and Edward
Parisé, who failed to sign.

N. Lévesque _____

Did gggg-grandfather Timothée Parisé and his first wife Julienne (née Chapados) have a child during their short time of marriage? (See Part 802cp.)

Check out my upcoming Posts to find out.




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