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02 December 2012

Good Day,

House cleaning almost completed. Just the kitchen floor to mop and polish.

Last night supper was Dim Sum. Not bad… Steamed pork and shrimp, cabbage and corn dumplings, Bánh Bao Thịt Heo Rao Cai, Bánh Bao Tom Thít Tường, Thai cucumber salad, and homemade ginger soya sauce… Definitely a plus when my blood sugar and glucose count, this morning, hit a target of 94. And oh did I say I topped my meal off with a double chocolate double milkshake…

Following up my search and research of my genealogy work I have now taken the most recent information of gggg-grandmother Catherine (née Grenier) Huard Parisé and added the appropriate data to my Parisé Descendant Chart.

Here is the new and updated Parisé Descendant Chart as created in GenoPro.

Note the number of occurrences of the surname, and similar to it, of Duguay.

I like GenoPro as it allows me to free-form design my Descendant Charts. Apart from the art and drawing software that are currently on the market, I am not aware of another genealogy program that can do the same. If there is please let me know.




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