Part 811dp – Smith Groh Genealogy – 1827 Marriage – GGGGG-Grandparents Michel and Marie Thérèse (née Dugué) Parisé – Bonaventure, Quebec, Canada

07 December 2012

Good Day,

Is it providence that I am learning about marriage dispensations of the Roman Catholic Church? Following and researching the genealogy of the Parisé Family Line certainly is causing me to understand, to some degree, how the rules of consanguinity are approached. My logical mind, of course, has to try and figure out how the elements of relationship are considered and who is related to whom to whom… if that makes any sense, of course?

My next billing of search and research is that of the 1827 Marriage Registration of CK’s ggggg-grandparents Michel and Marie Thérèse (née Dugué) Parisé. (Note that 5-times great-grandmother Marie Thérèse’s surname is spelled Dugué as opposed to Duguay.)

GGGGG-Grandfather Michel Parisé, according to the 1827 Marriage Registration is a widower. His previous wife’s name was Veronique Dugué. Within the Registration there is approval for the marriage by ggggg-grandmother Marie Thérèse’s parents 6-times great grandparents Alexandre and Marie (née Grenier) Dugué. Further there is a level of dispensation, I believe, of the third degree provided by the Bishop of Quebec, Monsignor Bernard-Claude Panet. From what I have been able to understand a dispensation of the third degree may be granted if second cousins wished to marry one another.

The following are the images I have downloaded from The Drouin Collection of the 1827 Marriage Registration from the two Registers; the Parish of Notre-Dame and the Parish of Bonaventure.

My transcription is of the Parish of Bonaventure. The second Registration is almost identical.





Le quinze octobre mil huit cent ving sept, vu la publica
tion de trois bans de mariage faite au _____ de nos me∫ses
paroi∫siales entre Michel Parisé veuf majeur de Veronique
Dugué de la mission de Port Daniel d'une part; et Marie Thérèse
Dugué fille mineure d'Alexandre Dugué et Marie Grenier
de la même mission d'autre part. Les parties ont obtenu la dis-
pense des deux au troisième dégré par affinité de nous que
_____ ces pour voirs extrordinaires des Monseigneur Bernard
Claude Panet Evêque de Québec, à lui accordés en vertie d’un
Jardult daté du onze Fevrier l'an dix huit cent vingt six Ne
l'étant trouve aucun autre empêchement ni opposition au
dit mariage et vu le consentement des parens, nous prêtre mis
sionaire sou∫signé avons recu leur mutuel consente-
ment de mariage en présence de Pierre Loiselle et Jean Bte
Choimard qui tous ont declaré ne savoir signe

J.A. Boisverd Prêtre

And my attempt at translation.





On the 15th of October, one thousand eight hundred and twenty seven, saw the publication of three banns of marriage, made the _____ of our parish masses between Michel Parisé adult widower of Veronique Dugué, of the mission of Port Daniel, on the one hand, and Marie Thérèse Dugué, minor daughter, of Alexandre Dugué and Marie Grenier, of the same mission, on the other hand. The parties were granted exemption for the two in the third degree by affinity by us by these extraordinary powers of Monsignor Bernard Claude Panet Bishop of Quebec, granted him a _____ _____, dated February 11, eighteen year hundred twenty six. Any other impediment or opposition was not found to the said marriage, and the parents gave consent, we the Missionary Priest, the undersigned, have received their mutual consent of marriage in the presence of Pierre Loiselle and Jean Baptiste Choimard, who all declared that they did not know how to sign.

J.A. Boisverd Priest

Monsigneur Barnard-Claude Panet, in December 1825, became Archbishop of Quebec. He passed away at the age of 80 years 14 February 1833. Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online.

The top inserted image is of Bernard-Claude Panet.

CREATORS: Sproule, Robert Auchmuty (1799-1845), Bourne, Adolphus (active 1820 - 1874) (Engraver)
Terms of use - Credit: Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. R9266-1158 Peter Winkworth Collection of Canadiana




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