Part 813p – Smith Groh Genealogy – 1963 Death - GGG-Grandfather Leo Pariza – Wisconsin Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery

10 December 2012

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Today in the search and research of the genealogy of the Parisé Family Line I thought that I would just digress a bit and move forward in time to 6 January 1963. Per the Wisconsin Death Index, 1959-1997, 6 January 1963 is the date that CK’s ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza passed away.

The following image, 34 of 1035, of the Wisconsin Death Index, 1959-1997 was downloaded via

At the Find A Grave website I was able to find an image of ggg-grandfather Leo’s gravestone. The image provided was added by one, Thomas Henning, in September 2006. The gravestone is resident at the Wisconsin Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery, at King, in Waupaca County.

It is important to note the ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza was known also by various other names during the course of his life. The names, apart from Leo Pariza, included Pierre Léandre Parisé, Leo Parisaya, and Léon Parisée.

Here is my Clooz 3.0 Report D00004.

You will notice that included in the Wisconsin Death Index is the recording of gg-granduncle Harold L. Pariza passing 24 April 1959 at the age of 51 years.

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