Part 817s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – The Genographic Project 2.0 Results Returned

12 December 2012

Good Day,

In my course of search and research of my own genealogy and ancestry I am always checking all possible avenues. My results of The Genographic Project 2.0 have returned. There’s a ton of information I’ve got to wade through and I will be posting my observations and my questions as I progress on A Genealogy Hunt.

In the category “Who Am I?” the above are my results. Accordingly this information is determined from my entire genome, and per the study results, both parents’ information, going back six generations is observable.

As you can see my results break down as follows: North European – 39%; Mediterranean – 37%; Southwest Asian – 19%; and Sub-Saharan African – 4%. Per the information provided The Genographic Project 2.0 can display one’s affiliations with a set of nine world regions. (I will have to find out whether I am excluded from the other five regions.)

My DNA results are compared to the reference populations currently in The Genographic Project database and estimated which of these are the most similar to me in terms of genetic markers that I carry. This is a mixture of both recent (past six generations) and ancient patterns established over thousands of years.

My first Reference Population is German.

My second Reference Population is Tuscan (Italy).

As you can see the designations are based on similar percentages.

And that’s it for this Post. I have a lot of reading to do… as well as, my grey matter is definitely going to have to learn and understand what the hell it all means. My immediate question is "As The Geneographic Project database increases in size, will I see any significant change"? Presently over 559 thousand people have participated.

Stay tuned and enjoy,



The Woolery Clan on December 13, 2012 at 3:52 PM said...

So.... Asian and African, plus German and Italian. That explains the cooking. :)

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