Part 818b – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – The Genographic Project 2.0 Results Are In

17 December 2012

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The pursuit and search of one’s genealogy and ancestry today is availed many, many different tools and methodologies. One such new tool is The Genographic Project 2.0. As I mentioned in my previous Post, Part 817s, I, we are just beginning to plow through the information and details.

Andy has also agreed to participate. The interest is to check out the possible results of his Brunhammer and Doherty genealogy and deep ancestry. His “Who Am I?” results are back.

The information is determined from his entire genome; Andy’s complete set of genetic material, and provide results of both parents’ information. Six generations from both parents are apparent. You can see that Andy’s result breakdown is of three of the nine world regions. The three are: Northern European – 45%; Mediterranean – 36%; and Southwest Asian – 19%. The total is 100%.

Andy’s DNA results, which should be very similar for all his sisters and brothers, are determined in terms of genetic markers that all Brunhammer siblings carry. This is a mixture of both recent (past six generations) and ancient patterns established over thousands of years.

Andy’s first Reference Population is British, of the United Kingdom.

His second Reference Population is German.

Included in Andy’s results is his Hominid Ancestry. (Hominid is a primate of the family Hominidae, of which Homo sapiens, us, is the only surviving species.) These are based from about 60,000 years ago. The results are pertinent to deep, deep ancestry. From The Genographic Project “A 2011 study by Stanford University researchers concluded that many of us carry ancient variants of immune system genes involved in destroying pathogens that arose after we left Africa.

The overall outcomes are the combination of genes, based on one theory, that Neanderthals, Denisovans, and modern human beings are all descended from the ancient human Homo heiderlbergensis. I definitely need to read more regarding this information.

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