Part 825s – Smith Groh Genealogy – St. Thomas Family – 1905 State Census – Wisconsin

08 January 2013

Good Day,

And now the documents and the sources of information begin to pour in. This is my search and research of the St. Thomas Family Line.

Today I have discovered the 1905 Wisconsin State Census. GGGG-Grandparents Lawrence and Mary Louise St. Thomas, and eight of their ten children are living at home. Sometime in 1904 ggg-grandmother Mary Louise had married ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza (with the couple of last name aliases). It appears that ggg-granduncle Joseph may have moved out or he wasn't at the residence the night of 1 June 1905 when the State Census was taken.

Here are the two pages I have downloaded from Wisconsin, State Census, 1895 and 1905 collection as provided online by

It appears that the 7-year old daughter, ggg-grandaunt Margaret St. Thomas, listed in the 1905 State Census may have also been the 2-year old daughter, Arvilla listed in the 1900 US Census. (See Part 823s.)

And my Clooz reporting, highlighting the St. Thomas Family - CUSWI000018 and CUSWI000019.

The search continues.  I chanced upon the newly updated Wisconsin Historical Society.  Check it out.




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