Part 833p – Smith Groh Genealogy – Updated Parisé Descendant Chart - No. 7

22 January 2013

Good Day,

My genealogy and ancestry search and research continues. All-things-being-equal I will have to create a new and third Parisé Descendant Chart, or at least provide magnifying glasses with my work. My new update to my Parisé Descendant Chart now includes CK’s 6-times great-grandparents Michel and Rosalie (née Roussi) Parisey.

Here is the new updated Parisé Descendant Chart.

As you can note, the surname, from the current records that I have located is presented as Parisey. We now have seven forms of the surname listed – Pariza; Parizo; Parasaya; Parisaya; Parisé; Parisée; and Parisey. The name, the furthest back in time that I have found is both Parisé and Parisey. Pronunciation of these two is basically the same – Pah-ree-zay.

To continue in my search I have discovered data that may lead back to CK’s 9-times great-grandparents. I will reveal the details when I find a good source of information. If you have any details, information, data, ideas, or thoughts, please feel free to contact me.




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