Part 852ab – Smith Robgertson Genealogy – 1857 Marriage – Great-Great-Grandaunt Fanny Abraham – London, England

02 April 2013

Good Day,

At times you never know which Family Line I may be searching and researching in my work of my genealogy and ancestry. And as more and more documents and sources become available, in this generation of technology, more and more is discovered and revealed.

Today I was able to find an image of The Times of England dated 21 February 1857. It is the Marriage announcement dated 18th February of great-great-grandaunt Fanny Abraham to William Barak of Queen-Square, Bristol. Here is the image I have been able to download from the Godfrey Memorial Library.

My transcription –

The Times
No. 22,610


On the 18th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Adler, Fanny, third daughter of
the late Victor Abraham, to Mr. William Barak, of Queen-square,

Reference is made to the “late”, my ggg-grandfather Victor Abraham. He had passed away about nine years before in 1848. From the information that I have, gg-grandaunt Fanny, who was born about 1809, would have been about 48 years old at her marriage to William Barak. Is there a possibility of an earlier marriage?

According to Wikipedia - Queen Square is a 2.4 hectares (5.9 acres) garden square in the centre of Bristol, England. It was originally a fashionable residential address, but now most of the buildings are in office use. Queen Square, in Bristol, is about a 10-hour carriage ride from the approximate London address of the Abraham Family.

Stay tuned to A Genealogy Hunt for my continued search and research.




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