Part 853p – Smith Groh Genealogy – Parisé Descendant Chart – 11th Update

05 April 2013

Good Day,

My search and research of the Parisé Family Line is getting more and more complicated. As I delve into the ancestry and the genealogy of the Parisé and related Family I am amazed at the information that I am finding. The main issue is that there appears to be quite of a bit of information provided on the Internet, but the main problem is the lack of qualifying sources and citations. Each time I come across some iota of information regarding the family I feel that it is necessary to try and find some corroborating evidence.

And I have created my GenoPro descendant charts which work as white boards for me. I can place information, that which could be pertinent to the genealogy of the family, and then I can add my notes and cross-references. My Descendant Charts are always works-in-progress. This is now the 11th Parisé Descendant Chart.

I have made a substantial number of recent discoveries and it appears that the Parisé Families were resident both in Bonaventure County in Gaspé in Quebec as well as in Gloucester County in New Brunswick. From the information that I have been able to find there seems to be leads that the Families may have traveled across, and back-and-forth, the Chaleur Bay between Port Daniel (A), Bonaventure, Paspébiac, and Caraquet (B), and to locations close by. This also makes sense as it appears to be that the main source of occupation and employment was fishing.

Stay tuned for more details as I continue my search and research.




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