Part 854ap – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1859 Marriage – Great-Great Granduncle Solomon Abraham – London, England

06 April 2013

Good Day,

I have been searching The Times newspaper for any grain of information of my Abraham Family Line ancestry and genealogy. It is a wonder what technology and OCR, optical character recognition, can do nowadays. And of course, I have found another new find. (New to me that is.)

Today I chanced upon the Marriage announcement of my great-great-granduncle Solomon Abraham to Sarah Bloom Phillips. The date of The Times publication is 19 December 1959. The date of the announcement marriage was 14 December 1859. The printed text is “On the 14th inst.,” which does mean “On the 14th of this month”, and as the published date of The Time is 19 December it would be apparent that the date of the marriage was 14 December 1859.

Here are my images as downloaded from The Times Digital Archive 1785-2007 via Godfrey Memorial Library.

My transcription –

The Times
No. 23,493


On the 14th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Adler, assisted by the Rev. M.
B. Levy, S. Abraham, Esq., of Tavistock-place, Tavistock-square, son
of the late Victor Abraham, of 5, Lisle-street, to Sara Bloom, second
daughter of Lawrence Phillips, Esq., of Russell-place, Fitzroy-square.

I am always amazed at the amount of information that can be gleaned from such a small amount of words in such an announcement. Using Google maps I have been able to map out the approximate locations of residence as presented by the announcement. GG-Granduncle Solomon Abraham was “of Tavistock-place, Tavistock-square”. I have labeled that location with the “A” marker. GGG-Grandfather Victor Abraham, gg-granduncle Solomon’s and gg-grandfather Benjamin Victor’s father was “the late” of 5 Lisle Street. Marker “B” highlights that approximate location. GG-Granduncle Solomon’s wife, Sarah Bloom Phillips was “of Russell-place, Fitzroy-square”. This location is the “C” marker.

One name in the announcement immediately leads me to another question. “Rev. Dr. Adler” was “assisted by the Rev. M. B. Levy”. Could this “Rev. M. B. Levy” by related to ggg-grandmother Rebecca (née Levy) Abraham, gg-granduncle Solomon’s mother?

And then there is the happenstance of a non-typical name. That name is gg-grandaunt Sara’s middle name “Bloom”. Years gone by, I worked as a stock boy in a pharmacy in Montreal named The Apothecary. The owners of The Apothecary were the Bloom Family. Who knows?

Any comment, question, thought, and idea, please contact me. Stay tuned, as usual there is more to come.




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