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09 July 2014

Good Day,

And it is time to get back into my genealogy research. 

I need to understand the myOrigins Ethnic Makeup results from my Family Tree DNA account and portfolio.

My Ethnic Makeup results are:

- European - 78%
  (British Isles - 62%; Western and Central Europe - 11%; Finland - 5%)

- Jewish Diaspora - 14%
  (Ashkenazi Diaspora - 14% (Poland))

- Middle Eastern - 4%
  (Asia Minor - 4% (Turkey))

- Africa - 4%
  (West Africa - 4% (Nigeria/Cameroon))

The Ethnic Makeup results are an offering of the FTDNA Family Finder product.

I have also recently received a number of emails regarding my Smith YDNA research that present the possibility of a possible connection back to around 1200 AD.

Check up for my update and discussion at my site A Genealogy Hunt.

If you have any thoughts, questions, ideas, comments, please feel to get in touch me via email at Jim Smith.




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