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15 July 2014

Good Day,

Well it appears that according to Family Tree DNA’s myOrigins from the Family Finder product Andy Brunhammer and his siblings are 100% European.

The breakdown is 64% from the British Isles and 36% from Western and Central Europe. According to Family Tree DNA when referring to the British Isles, the darker blue area, the cluster is typical to the British Isles, especially Ireland. The Western and Central European, the lighter blue, cluster combines nearly all of the threads of European genetic history into one.

There is a shade of differences when the interpretation is done according to 23andMe – 99.4% European, 0.5% Sub-Saharan African, less than 0.1% Yakut, and less than 0.1% unassigned. Of course there is no indication of a margin of error based on each of the companies’ interpretation.

All-things-being-equal one has to take into account that each company has its own team of sales and marketing staff who may or may not appreciate adding the “bells and whistles” to provide a somewhat justifiable campaign to the genealogy-centric and interested public.

Andy’s Y-DNA, his Brunhammer paternal line is I2a2 (I-M423) at Family Tree DNA and I2a2b at 23andMe. His maternal mtDNA, Doherty plus, line is X2e1 at Family Tree DNA and X2e at 23andMe. Both firms basically are saying that his DNA results are the same.

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