Part 886sr – Smith Robertson Genealogy – ?-Times Great-Grandfather John Robertson Search and Research

28 October 2014

Good Day,

I thought you would like to join me with and on my Robertson genealogy search and research process and progress.

Robertson is my maternal line. I am trying to determine which John Robertson is my 6-times great-grandfather, and who was his father, and his father, and so on, and so on.

From my Robertson Descendant Chart you can follow my line back to my 5-times great-grandparents John and Ann (née Lyle/Lisle) Robertson.

Their 1 December 1758 marriage registration in the Old Parish Register from Innerwick in East Lothian, Scotland, (see Part 884rl).  5-times great-grandfather John Robertson’s “Cautioner” was his father, also named John Robertson. This John Robertson would be my 6-times great-grandfather.

Note – Cautioner, in Scottish law and contracts was one who becomes bound as caution or surety for another, for the performance of any obligation or contract contained in a deed. (The Free Dictionary)

4-Times Great-Grandfather John Robertson was born and baptized In Oldhamstocks. This was determined and cited from the Parish of Innerwick 1761 Baptism Registration for his sister, 4-times great-grandaunt Margaret Robertson. (Source: Church of Scotland. Parish Church of Innerwick, East Lothian, FHL 1067849 Item 3).

4-Times Great-Grandfather John Robertson’s parents 5-times great-grandfather John Robertson and 5-times great-grandmother Ann Lisle were married 1 December 1758 in Innerwick (Source: Church of Scotland. Parish Church of Innerwick, East Lothian, FHL 1067850 Item 2 and 711/00 0030 0349 Innerwick (East Lothian)).

I have discovered that there are three immediate locations referred to and cross-referenced to 5-times and 4-times great-grandfathers John Robertson. The three are Oldhamstocks (A-marker), Innerwick (B-marker), and Butter Law (C-maker, approximate).

I will be spending some time in the short future trying to discover and logically determine, with the appropriate documents and citations. Check out my updates at A Genealogy Hunt -

Please feel free to assist, lend a thought and idea, ask a question, and make a comment. You can contact me at A Genealogy Hunt.




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