Part 922bk – 1792 Marriage of GGGG-Grandparents Johann Friedrich KATZ and Eva Catharine KLEIBER

04 November 2018

Good Day,

And the search continues. We are tracing back in time to see what we can find about the Brunhammer - Katz Family line.

As I mentioned and discovered in Part 921bk, GGG-Grandfather Ludwig, aka Louis, Adam Friedrick Katz's parents were (Fact/Clue #6) GGGG-Grandparents Frederick and Catharine (née Kleiber) Katz.

I have found the 1792 Marriage Registration of GGGG-Grandparents Frederick and Catherine (née Kleiber) Katz in the registers of the town of Durlach.

I was expecting more information on the Katz side of the family. The Registration does not provide GGGG-Grandfather Johann Friedrich Katz's parents. It does include GGGG-Grandmother Eva Catharine Kleiber's parents, GGGGG-Grandparents Johann Adam and Christine (née Scharmann) Kleiber's names. And that is 5-times Great!

Transcription -

Im Jahr Christi 1791 (1792) wurde in der hiesigen Stadtpfarreÿ Durlach getraut und eingesegnet

1792 d. 20ten Maÿ Johann Friedrich Katz Bürger und Sailermeister Eva Catharine Kleiberin, Johann Adam Kleiber
hiesigen Bürgers und Fuhrmanns mit Christine
g. Scharmannin ehel(ich) erzeugte ledige Tochter

Translation -

In the year of Christ 1791 (1792) has been married and consecrated in the local town parish Durlach

1792 the 20th May Johann Friedrich Katz citizen and master ropemaker Eva Catharine Kleiber, Johann Adam Kleiber's
local citizen's and carter's with Christine
née Scharmann legitimate unmarried daughter

Here the new facts and clues.

Fact -

1. The date of the Marriage of GGGG-Grandparents Johann Friedrich and Eva Catharine (née Kleiber) Katz was 20 May 1792.

Fact -

2. The location of the Marriage was in "the local town parish of Durlach".

Fact/Clue -

3. GGGG-Grandfather Johann Friedrich Katz is listed as a "citizen and master ropemaker"

Fact/Clue -

4. GGGG-Grandmother Eva Catharine (née Kleiber) Katz's parents are listed as Johann Adam Kleiber and Christine (née Scharmann)

Fact/Clue -

5. As GGGG-Grandfather Johann Friedrich Katz's parents are not listed, there is a remote possibility that this could be his 2nd marriage.

And here is the new draft of the Brunhammer - Katz Descendant Tree.

The new items are added in red. Please remember that, based on what we can find, there always may be some changes.

The genealogy research and search for ancestors and descendants continue.

And once again, thanks to Lynn, John, and Helmut.

Family connections can be seen on the family tree, the Brunhammer Doherty Family Tree. If you would like access to the tree you will need an invitation from me. You can sign up with Ancestry, and from what I understand, without having to take a membership subscription. Feel free to contact me at if you would like to receive an invite to the Brunhammer Doherty Family Tree.

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