Part 923 - Autosomal DNA is NOT Necessarily Genealogy

05 November 2018

Good Day,

I read a very good and concise article recently, posted at dated November 2, 2018 by David Klein - "One genealogist's impressions of Ancestry DNA's testing service".

"First, based on what I know about my family, the ethnicity percentages are way off. Please notice I didn't say they were wrong; they might not be. I know that these figures are based on probability and subject to change, but my numbers are skewed more Irish (and British even though I don't know of any British ancestors) and less Italian than what I expected. Suffice it to say I'm more than a bit skeptical about these numbers."

I am a very strong proponent of DNA testing, for the purposes of genealogy. And I can say that I personally am not using DNA testing to find immediate relatives. I am more concerned in learning and discovering about my ancestry.

The corporate tendencies of the larger ancestry, albeit companies and their marketing schemes appear to be a consistent tendency to increase the firm's bottom line.

That being said, and as I volunteer to assist persons to delve into their pasts, I have tested my Y-DNA, mtDNA, and Autosomal DNA. My purpose, is to maintain a comparison of, especially Autosomal DNA results, and to keep abreast of the the plethora of companies in the market. Having tested with this many companies also assists me when helping someone with their family history search and research.

To date I have tested with Family Tree DNA; Ancestry; 23andMe; Living DNA; My Heritage; and National Geographic Geno 2.0. I am currently awaiting the results of CRIGenetics.

Here is a comparative schedule of my test results.

If you have any question about testing either your Y-DNA, mtDNA, or Autosomal DNA, please make sure that you research and decide which type of testing is the one that you should get. Do not be swayed by the slick advertisements.

If you have any comment, question, thought, idea please feel free to contact me via email at A Genealogy Hunt or




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