Part 925ks – 1762 Marriage of 5-Times Great-Grandparents Johann Friedrich and Maria Sophia (née Satzger) Katz

09 November 2018

Good Day,

You know when a genealogist hoots and hollers when s/he believes s/he has found a possible critical document that fits right into a family tree.

And yes, that is what happened last night.

Even though a Family History film is denoted as completely indexed, one should not, not search through the digitized images to hunt for a document. Case in point this 1762 Katz/Satzger Marriage registration.

Here’s is what I found.

And here is a cleaned-up copy whereas the 1762 Marriage Registration was easier to read, transcribe and translate.

Source Reference: Family History Library, Film, FHL #1238217, Items 6-9; Image 938 of 1169.

And here are the

Transcription –

1762 – Durlach condicio


"d. 15. Johann Friedrich Katz, neuangehender Bürger und Seiler alhier,
weil. Johann Katzen, gewesenen Bürgers und Färbers allhier,
hinterbliebener ehel. erzeugter lediger Sohn; und Maria Sophia,
weil. Philipp Heinrich Satzgers, gewesenen Bürgers und Drehers
allhier, hinterlaßene ehel. ledige Tochter."

Translation –

1762 Durlach marriage


On the 15th [were married] Johann Friedrich Katz, prospective local citizen and roper, surviving legitimate unmarried son of the late Johann Katz, former local citizen and dyer; and Maria Sophia, surviving legitimate unmarried daughter of the late Philipp Heinrich Satzger, former local citizen and turner.

Facts and Clues –

Fact –

1. GGGGG-Grandparents Johann Friedrich and Maria Sophia (née Satzger) Katz were married on 15 June 1762 in Durlach, Bavaria.

Fact –

2. GGGGG-Grandfather Johann Friedrich Katz’s status and occupation is listed as “local citizen and roper”. This the is same information as discovered on previous documents.


3. 5-times Great--Grandfather Johann Friedrich’s father is listed as 6-times Great-Grandfather Johann Katz.

4. 5-times Great-Grandmother Maria Sophia’s father is listed as 6-time Great-Grandfather Philipp Heinrich Satzger.

5. Both 6-times Great-Grandfathers Johann Katz and Philipp Heinrich Satzger are entered of having passed away before the date of 15 June 1762.

Fact –

6. 5-times Great-Grandfather Johann Friedrich Katz was born on 24 Mar 1763, 9 months and 1 week after his parents, 6-times Great Grandfather Johann and Maria Sophia (née Satzger) Katz were married.

Here is an updated Brunhammer Katz Descendant Chart.

The search continues.  And I just keep on going.

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