Part 924bk - 1763 Birth and Baptism of GGGG-Grandfather Johann Friedrich Katz

07 November 2018

Good Day,

Just some quick notes – “GGGG” and “GGGGG” are abbreviations of “4-times Great” and “5-times Great”. These Greats are being used with reference to Andy. You may have to add another 1 Great or 2 Greats to determine your relationship.

Well it looks like the sources and the documentation are just waiting to be found. All-things-being-equal it appears that we have been able to locate the Baptism and Birth Registration of GGGG-Grandfather Johann Friedrich Katz.

Here is the copy of the 26 March 1763 Baptism Registration. The source of the document is from the Evangelische Kirche Durlach (A. Durlach) Family History Library FHL 1238229.

The facts and the clues.

Fact –

GGGG-Grandfather Johann Friedrich Katz was born 24 March 1763 and baptized on the 26th in Durlach.

Fact -

His parents are listed as Johann Friedrich Katze and Sophie Satzgerin.


Johann Friedrich Katze and Sophie Satzgerin are Andy’s 5-times Great-Grandparents.

Fact –

In Bavarian dialect surnames of women sometimes are formed by adding the ending "-in", used in standard High German to indicate noun variants for women or items of grammatical feminine gender. Therefore GGGGG-Grandmother Sophie’s surname could be read as Satzgerin or Satzger.

Fact –

Durlach was a town in what was considered Bavaria.

Fact –

4-times Great-Grandfather Johann Friedrich was named after his father, 5-times Great-Grandfather Johann Friedrich.


In the right column there appears to have been added the date of GGGG-Grandfather Johann Friedrich Katz’s passing on 26 January 1819, at the age of 55 years.


5-times Great-Grandfather Johann Friedrich’s status and occupation is entered as “local citizen and roper”

Here is a combination of the transcription and the translation –

March 26, 1763

Child: Johann Friedrich geb. d. 24. ej. - born on the 24th of the same (month)

[right column:] Surname: Katze, + d. 26. Jan. 1816 - died on Jan. 26, 1819

Parents: Johann Friedrich Katze, Bürger und Seiler allhier [=local citizen and roper], Sophie, geb. Satzgerin [=née Satzger]


H. Johann Jacob Kuhn, Post-Schreiber allhier, und Cathrine Auguste, uxor;
Johann Sebastian Kreißinger [?], Bürger und Pflugwirth allhier, et uxor, Franziska –
Mr. Johann Jacob Kuhn, local clerk/secretary of the post, and his wife Cathrine Auguste; Johann Sebastian Freißinger [?], might be a spelling variant of Freisinger/Freysinger], local citizen and innkeeper of the Pflug [The Plow Inn], and his wife Franziska

Thanks to Gert who assisted with the transcribing and the translation of the entry. I’m still struggling along with the recognizing of the script and the language.

Gert noted that there is a very strong coincidence and that there is a current restaurant with the name of "Judy's Pflug" in Karlsruhe-Durlach, see: . This may have been the same as to the which seems to be the former "Pflug", The Plow Inn as noted in the listing of the Godparents.

I've added GGGGG-Grandparents Johann Friedrich and Sophie (née Satzger) Katz to the Brunhammer Katz Descendant Tree.

And the search continues.

Have you considered how far back in time we could go? And what we can learn.

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