Part 929bg – GGG-Grandmother Catherine (née Ganzer) Brunhammer 1844 Death Registration

09 December 2018

Good Day,

Well, sometime in genealogy the hunt can take many different turns. This morning I discovered the 1844 Death Registration of GGG-Grandmother Catherine (née Ganzer) Brunhammer.

Rue Ste Blaise, Dornach
Mulhouse, Haut-Rhin, Alsace

All this time I was looking for a registration under the name of Brunhammer. Who knew that she was registered by her maiden name Ganzer? It is just one of things that, when doing genealogy research, one must expect to think outside the proverbial box.

GGG-Grandmother Catherine (née Ganzer) Brunhammer was the 1st of 3 wives of GGG-Grandfather Joseph Brunhammer. GG-Grandfather Jacques Brunhammer was, based on my research their eldest son, and the Brunhammer who left France and with his family came to the United States.

I noticed that her passing was reported on the 14th of November 1844 by GGG-Grandfather Joseph Brunhammer and her 27-year old brother and GGG-Granduncle Nicolas Ganzer. She had died at her home, on the evening before the 13th of November at 5:30 pm.

This information is also an update. Previously I reported GGG-Grandmother Catherine’s passing in October 1844. It is now updated to the 14th of November 1844.

The Brunhammer-Ganzer home was on Rue Ste. Blaise in Dornach, which is a part of Mulhouse in Haut-Rhin, Alsace.

Yes, I found above, on Google, a current day mapping of the street where the Brunhammers lived.

Here is an image copy of the 1844 Death Registration –

My transcription –


No 77
Ganzer Catherine
35 ans – 13 Novembre

L’an mil huit cent quarante-quatre le quatorze de mois de Novembre àonze heures du matin; pardevant nous soussingné Joseph Lein, adjoint, remplissantpar delegation du Maire les fonctions d’officier de l’état civil de la commune de Dornachcanton de Mulhouse, Départment du Haut-Rhin, sont comparus: Joseph Brun-hammer, contre-maître de rouleau, âgé de trente huit ans et Nicolas Ganzer,
graveur, âgé de vingt sept ans les deux domicilié en cette commune, lesquels suisantdeclare que le jour d’hier à cinq-heures et demie du soir Cathérine Ganzer, sans état,
âgée de trente-cinq ans neé et domicilée en cette commue, fille de feuv Jean Ganzer,
journalier, dècédé dans sa maison _____ dans la rue St. Blaise du cette commune, en suite decette declaration et après nous être _____ de ce _____ nous en aransdrasse le presentanteque les comparants dont le premier est èpoux le second frère de la decédés ont signé avecnous après lecture et interpretation.

Brunhammer Ganzer

My attempted translation –

Deaths1844No 77
Ganzer Catherine

35 years - November 13

In the year one thousand eight hundred and forty-four, fourteen of the month of November, at eleven o'clock in the morning; Before deputy Joseph Lein, deputy, filling by delegation of the Mayor the functions of officer of the civil status of the commune of Dornach canton Mulhouse, Department of Haut-Rhin, are appearing: Joseph Brunhammer, counter-master of roll, aged thirty-eight, and Nicholas Ganzer, an engraver, twenty-seven years of age, both domiciled in that commune, who were told that on the day of yesterday at half-past five in the evening, Cathérine Ganzer, a stateless woman, was thirty five years old and domiciled in this community, daughter of the late Jean Ganzer, laborer, deceased in her house in the street St. Blaise of this town, following this declaration and after being _____ of this _____ we aransdrasse the presentante that the appearing of the first is the second brother of the deceased signed with us after reading and interpretation.

Brunhammer Ganzer

And if your eyes are better fine-tuned to reading the script, please note that this is my attempt. I would most welcome any other thoughts that would help to correct my mis-reads and/or omissions.

Here is an updated Brunhammer Ganzer Descendant Chart.

The search continues.  And I just keep on going.

If you have any comment, question, thought, idea please feel free to contact me via email at A Genealogy Hunt or




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