Part 931ss – More Scott Greats To Add

09 April 2019

Good Day,

The search for my Scott ancestors who came before my Great-Grandmother Ella Margaret Louise (née Scott) Smith has been somewhat of a disarranged search and research project.

I am trying to associate and ensure that I get the correct links of relatives in the proper place and generation.

My 3-times Great-Grandfather Alexander Reid Scott had 6 children by 4 wives and partners. On my part there is no holier-than-thou-art thought or attitude. One of the 6 children was my Great-Great Grandfather Alexander S. M. Scott.

The first issue I have is that 2 of his wives were both named Eliza: Eliza Hall and Eliza Mitter. Currently, based on my first pass of the documents and my research I believe Eliza Hall may have been my 3-times Great-Grandmother. I believe that she was the mother of my Great-Great-Grandfather Rev. Alexander S. M. Scott. He was the father of my Great-Grandmother Ella Margaret Louise (née Scott) Smith.

The second issue is that I have found the information that GGG-Grandfather Alexander Reid Scott may have had a child by a 4th partner, name unknown. The child would have been my 2nd Great-Grandaunt Isabel Georgiana Scott.

Here are the names and children that I have been able to connect to GGG-Grandfather Alexander Reid Scott.

1. Anne Wall – Wife of 3rd Great-Grandfather

a. William Scott – born 6 Sep 1824, Jamaica
b. Allan Scott – born 6 Dec 1828, Jamaica

2. Eliza Hall – 3rd Great-Grandmother

a. Rev. Alexander S.M. Scott – born 17 Aug 1830, Jamaica
b. Charles James Cater Scott – born 7 Jan 1849, Jamaica

3. Eliza Mitter – Wife of 3rd Great-Grandfather

a. Fanny Auguste Mary Scott – born 9 Feb 1853, Liverpool, England
b. Caroline Gordon Louthean – born circa 1864, Cheltenham, England. (Eliza Mitter, I believe married her 2nd husband George Louthean 6 Nov 1862 at Trent Church, Enfield, Middlesex, England.)

4. ? ? – partner of 3rd Great-Grandfather

a. Isabel Georgiana Scott – Born ?, ?

This does get somewhat confusing.

Beginning with my Great-Grandmother Ella Margaret Louise (née Scott) Smith, I am now searching for all possible sources of information associated with my Scott Family Line.

The search continues.  And I just keep on going.

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