Part 933ss – 1851 UK Census – GG-Grandfather Alexander Scott Attends College

14 April 2019

Good Day,

At times, certain “plain” documents can reveal much more than you may be looking to find. In this case, it is the 1851 UK Census.

And a “Hello” to a new family connection TK. We’ve been able to find and trace to our MCRA (Most Common Recent Ancestor) based on our Family Ancestry work and our Autosomal DNA testing.

Our common ancestors are GG-Grandparents Rev. Alexander and Sarah Ann Rosetta (née McKowen) Scott. My Great-Grandmother was Ella Margaret Louise (née Scott) Smith. TK is descended from Great-Grandmother Ella’s brother, my Great-Granduncle Hubert Somerville Scott.

Here is a copy of the page of the 1851 UK Census that identifies, who more than likely is GG-Grandfather Alexander Scott when a young man of 20 years old.

My transcription -

1851 UK Census

City or Borough of – Canterbury

Name of House… - St. Augustine’s College
Name and Surname… - Alexander Scott
Condition – U(nmarried)
Age of Male – 20
Rank… - Missionary Student
Where Born – Jamaica, Kingston

This is interesting as GG-Grandfather Alexander Scott, who was born in Jamaica, does, in his early 20s head back to the Caribbean to follow his “Missionary” zeal.

I have come across a possibility of an 1841 UK Census that could be GG-Grandfather Alexander Scott at the age of 11-years. The Alexander Scott that I have found appears to be attending a school in Charlton, England.

The search continues.  And I just keep on going.

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