Part 934ss – 1841 UK Census – Could This Possibly Be GG-Grandfather Alexander Scott?

16 April 2019

Good Day,

As I made mention in Part 933ss, I have come across a possibility of an 1841 UK Census that could, all-things-being-equal, include GG-Grandfather Alexander Scott at the age of 11-years. The Alexander Scott that I may found appears to be attending a school in on Lee Road, Park Terrace in the Parish of Charlton, Kent, England.

Here is the 1841 UK Census for Charlton -

My transcription –

Page – 25

Place – Lee Road, Park Terrace

Houses Inhabited – 1

Names of each Person who abode therein the preceding night – Alexander Scott

Age and Sex – Male – 11

Profession, Trade, Employment or of Independent Means – Proprietary School Where Born, Whether Born same County – N(o)

Is this GG-Grandfather Alexander Scott at 11 years old? Did GG-Grandfather Alexander attend the Proprietary School?

I started to check Genuki and it appears that not many schools in the area existed prior to the 1841 UK Census. The Blackheath Proprietary School may be the one listed in the 1841 Census. The summary from the Enumerator's Schedule breaks it down as follows - County of Kent, Hundred of Blackheath..., Parish of Charlton.

The Enumerator's description -

"The Houses from the Boundary Stone by Brunswick Place along the East side of Lee Road Cresswell Park, Park Place and as far as the Boundary Stone in Lee Road. All the houses in the Park called Blackheath Park within the Parish of Charlton and that part of Redbrook Upper Farm in the parish of Charlton without the Borough of Greenwich."

A couple of things that make a logical argument that this could be GG-Grandfather Alexander Scott.

(1) Same name

(2) Approximate same age, 11 years old. GG-Grandfather Alexander Scott was born 17 Aug 1830. The 1841 Census was taken by the Enumerator on 11 Jun 1841. Ages recorded in the 1841 Census were as close to actual ages for those 15 and under. Anyone over 15 was supposed to be rounded down to the nearest multiple of 5.

(3) In the columns "Where Born", the 1st of 2 columns asks, "Whether Born in same County, the response for Alexander Scott is "N". The 2nd column may be the one that indicates that this is not GG-Grandfather Alexander as the question is "Whether Born in Scotland, Ireland, or Foreign Parts". This column is left blank.

There are several files on record regarding the Blackheath Proprietary School at the National Archives. It would be a good luck to check the files, especially the 1841 listings of the student attendees and to discover where they, especially this Alexander Scott originate.

Today, the Blackheath Proprietary School no longer stands, excepting at the possible site there are buildings. Above the portal of one of the buildings is the following sign.

The search continues.  And I just keep on going.

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