Part 935sm – 1855 Marriage – GG-Grandparents Alexander and Sarah Ann Rosetta (née McKowen) Scott

17 April 2019

Good Day,

The day is the 12th of May 1855. It is Saturday, and it is a nice day for a wedding.

This is the date that Great-Great Grandparents Alexander and Sarah Ann Rosetta (née McKowen) Scott were married.

Here is the 1855 Marriage Registration.

Anglican Church. Parish of St. George (Grenada) (Main Author)

My transcription –

Page – 57

MARRIAGES solemnized in the Parish of Saint George
in the Colony of Grenada in the Year 1855

Alexander Scott, Bachelor of age of St. David’s Parish
Clerk in Holy Orders
and Sarah Ann Rosetta McKowen of this Parish
were married in St. George’s Church by License with Consent of
her Mother this twelfth day of May
in the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and fifty-five
By me Jas Alex Anton, Rector

This Marriage was solemnized between us Alexander Scott, Sarah Ann Rosetta McKowen

In the presence of Henry Ganaway, Henry Sharpe

No 163

As the 1855 Marriage Registration states that Great-Great Grandfather Alexander Scott was a “Clerk in Holy Orders” and “of St, David’s Parish", is it possible that this may have been one of his early appointments in Grenada once he finished at St. Augustine’s College in Canterbury, England?

Also could GG-Grandfather Alexander have been “stationed” at St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in Genville in the Parish of St. David’s?

And here is a coincidence. Both witnesses' first names were "Henry". GG-Grandparents Alexander and Sarah's first son "Henry Alexander Cumberland Scott" was born just under a year later, on 16 April 1856 at Paradise Pen, Kingston, Jamaica.

The search continues.  And I just keep on going.

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