Part 941ss - 1802 Baptism GGG-Grandfather Alexander Reid Scott

13 May 2019

Good Day,

I am continuing the search and confirmation of my Scott Family line.  I have now traveled from Kingston, Jamaica to Leith, Scotland. Thanks to TK, KM, and AS for their assistance and review.

Today I have the 12 April 1802 Baptism Registration of GGG-Grandfather Alexander Reid Scott. The Baptism Registration confirms GGGG-Grandparents James Scott and Anne Reid.

Transcription -

April 1802


Mr. James Scott Merchant in Leith, and Anne Reid Sp ASN AlexanderReid born 16th March bapd. 12th April 1802 Witn M. William ScottBrewer in Leith, and Mr. Patrick Hadaway Brewer there.

Translated -

April 1802


Mr. James Scott Merchant in Leith, and Anne Reid Spouse A Son Named Alexander Reid born 16th March baptised 12th April 1802 Witnesses M. William Scott Brewer in Leith, and Mr. Patrick Hadaway Brewer there.

"In this parish are 5142 heads of families, 2439 male child, 2432 female child, 484 male servants, 935 female servants, in all 11432 individuals, and 2893 families. 432 individuals reside in Restalrig, 557 in Abbeyhill and 1497 in Calton of Edinburgh."

(From the Statistical Account of Scotland 1791-1799 Vol II)

The search continues.  And I just keep on going.

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