Part 942sr - 1784 Marriage Registration - GGGG-Grandfather James and Ann (née Reid) Scott

14 May 2019

Good Day,

Following the discovery of the 1802 Baptism Registration, (see Part 941ss), and as the Registration identified GGG-Grandfather Alexander Reid Scott's parents as James Scott and Ann Reid, my next step is to seek out a possible Marriage Registration. All-things-being-equal James Scott and Ann Reid would have been my GGGG-Great-Grandparents.

I have discovered that GGG-Grandfather Alexander Reid Scott may have been the youngest of  the 11 children of GGGG-Grandparents James and Ann (née Reid) Scott.

And next, the 1784 Marriage Registration of GGGG-Grandparents James and Ann (née Reid) Scott.

Transcription -


March and April 1784


Mr. James Scott Wright in Leith, and Mifs Ann Reid ResidenterHumbie and Daughter of Mr. George Reid Farmer in Ratho af-ter proclamation of banns were married April 9th 1784.

And as far as coincidences go, I noted that GGGG-Grandfather James Scott is listed as a "Wright in Leith".  "The noun "wright" is an Old English word, and it always refers to a person who builds, creates, or repairs something (as in playwright or shipwright).  A Wright: a skilled craftsman.

In my research in Part 512s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – GGG-Grandfather James Smith’s Noted Occupations, I observed that GGG-Grandfather James Smith also at points of time in his life is recorded as having been a Wright.

The search continues.  And I just keep on going.

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