Part 943rs - The Search For GGGG-Grandmother Ann (née Reid) Scott

18 May 2019

Good Day,

I am now at a point in my research of my Scott Family line where I need to figure out who and how are GGGG-Grandfather's parents, my 5-times Great-Grandparents. The possibilities are William Scott and Margaret Sraiton, and, George Reid and Sarah Laurie.

Here are a couple of facts and thoughts that I have collected that, hopefully, should point to some answers.

1. GGGG-Grandparents James and Ann (née Reid) Scott were married 9 April 1784 in Leith, Scotland. See Part 942sr - 1784 Marriage Registration - GGGG-Grandfather James and Ann (née Reid) Scott.

2. GGGG-Grandmother Ann Reid's father is confirmed as "Mr. George Reid Farmer in Ratho" on her 1784 Marriage Registration.

2. GGGG-Grandparents James and Ann Scott had 11 children. I am currently in the process of searching for all baptism registrations.

3. The 1st 4 of the listed 11 children of GGGG-Grandparents James and Ann are named after their Grandparents, my GGGGG-Grandparents William Scott and Margaret Sraiton, and, George Reid and Sarah Laurie. The 1st 4 names are: William, Sarah, Margaret, and George.

4. From findmypast "Search Scottish Records".

"The Scots have for many centuries followed a relatively simple set of rules when assigning given names to their successive children. While these traditional naming patters were not followed by all families, they were widespread enough that a basic understanding of them can come in handy when hunting for Scottish ancestors.

Being familiar with these patterns will allow you to make genealogical inferences, identify potential new avenues of research and reveal all sorts of clues about the lives of your ancestors.

By the latter part of the nineteenth century, these patterns began to break down and fade out of use so be cautious when using them to identify more recent ancestors.

The traditional patterns used when naming boys were as follows:

  • The first son would be named after the father's father (variation is after the mother's father)
  • The second after the mother's father (variation is the father's father)
  • The third son would be named after the father
  • The fourth son would be named after the father's oldest brother (variation is after the father's paternal grandfather)
  • The fifth son would be named after the mother's oldest brother (variation is after the mother's paternal grandfather)

and for girls:

  • First daughter named after the mother's mother (variation is after the father's mother
  • Second daughter named after the father's mother
  • Third daughter named after the mother
  • Fourth daughter named after the mother's oldest sister (variation is after the mother's maternal grandmother)
  • Fifth daughter named after the father's oldest sister (variation is after the father's maternal grandmother)"

The search continues.  And I just keep on going.

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