Part 949ss – 1703 Baptism Registration – GGGGGG-Grandfather Patrick (aka Peter) Scott

31 May 2019

Good Day,

Today I have discovered the 1703 Baptism Registration for 6-times Great-Grandfather Patrick Scott in the “Old parochial registers for Duddingston. 1631-1854”.

I have also found that there may be an issue, in that at times GGGGGG-Grandfather Patrick was also known as Peter.

Transcription –

Thursday 1703 May 27th

This day David Scott fermourer in Easter Dunningstoun, and MargaretCrawfoord his spouse had a son baptized, and namedPatrick, Witnesses William Sheell fermourer in EasterDuddingstoun, Andrew Horn Coal-grieve, & James McClenan fermourerIn White Hill.

Source: Family History Library, FHL 1066683, Image 372 of 920

Thanks to TW and TD, they were able to assist with a definition of “fermourer”. “A fermourer was someone who tended a farm, including livestock and crops, but did not own it, (per ScotlandsPeople’s occupational glossary.)

6-times Great-Grandfather Patrick's 1703 Baptism Registration now introduces us to 7-times Great-Grandparents David and Margaret (née Crawfoord) Scott.

7-times Great-Grandfather David Scott was a fermourer.

Of course, I have created a new Patrick Scott Descendant Chart. This new Chart includes GGGGGG-Grandfather Patrick Scott's wife, GGGGGG-Grandmother Euphame Horn.

The Chart also includes their 9 children. I have been able to find the Baptism Registrations of each of the nine. I will provide them at a later date.

Just something that I would like to mention that may be one of my idiosyncrasies. I taught dialectical English for a number years in my tenure as a Teacher.  When I search and find the first document relating to an ancestor of mine, I typically will enter the first spelling of a name that I may encounter into my genealogy database. As we know, individuals may have multiple renditions and spellings of their names. Any additional one that I come across I will also enter the new one as an "alternate name".

The search continues.  And I just keep on going.

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Unknown on January 4, 2020 at 7:53 PM said...

Hello Jim,
This is so great! I am from the John Scott, son of Peter Patrick. I am enjoying this. Thank you!

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