Part 950sh – 1701 Baptism Registration – GGGGGG-Grandmother Eupham (née Horn) Scott

03 June 2019

Good Day,

I have discovered the 1701 Baptism Registration for 6-times Great-Grandmother Eupham (née Horn) Scott in the “Old parochial registers for Duddingston. 1631-1854”.

Transcription –

Thursday 1703 May 27th Munday 17 November 1701

Andrew Horn in Magdalen Pans and
Eupham Sheells his spous had an infant bap-
tized A daughter Named Eupham Witnesses
Allexander & Patrick Sheills indwellers in Easter
Dudingstown and Robert Brown ______ in Dudingstown.

Source: Family History Library, FHL 1066683, Image 349 of 920

If someone can figure out the word at the end of the Registration before "in Dudingstown", please let me know.

Note: Thank-you AS. The registration date for the Baptism Registration is referenced from the Julian calendar, as opposed to the Gregorian calendar we use today.

I stumbled upon the following from the "Annals of Duddingston and Portobello" by William Baird, F.S.A. Scot, Edinburgh, Andrew Elliot, 17 Princes Street. 1898.

This information, as published, allows me to see and read that there may be some interactions between the Scott and Horn families of the time.

As follows -

“Other elders after this time are Mr Archibald Duncan, a son of the former Baron Bailie; James Williamson, sometime treasurer of the church; Andrew Horn (smith, and coal grieve to the Duchesses of Lauderdale and Argyle for fifty-four years), residing at Magdaline Pans, appointed treasurer in 1711; John Robertson, and Joseph Grier, clerk of kirk session. The predecessor of Joseph Grier was one John Golme, who, however, seems to have got into trouble, as he is incidentally mentioned in a minute of 11th January 1711 as being then in prison.

We have referred to the erection of pews in the church in 1676. These were occupied by the principal families of the parish, at a small rent, or ** seat mail," paid to the Treasurer yearly. From a memorandum left by that officer we give the names of those so occupying the seats in the year 1714, and for which a yearly sum of 15s was paid by each: — Archibald Duncan, son of William Duncan, and Baron Bailie; John Bobertson, farmer; James Williamson, Archibald Cook, David Scott, farmer; William Horn, Andrew Symington, John Cook, farmer, Crookston; John Black, John Craig, and John Johnston, Wm. Patton and John Lindsay, Bobert Duncan, Andrew Horn, farmer, Fillysidebank; Bobert Balderston, and finally the ''salters' seat," for which £2 was paid…

…with the parish, some of whose representatives are still to be found in the neighbourhood…

…James Dunoan, John Horn in Mibis, and Mrs Horn in Easter Duddingston; Peter Scott, Northfield, and his son Andrew ; Bidiard Sinclair, Alexander Livingston, Andrew Porteous, Mrs Johnston and William Srown, Bichard Bobertson, Mrs Horn and Andrew Horn, and Bobert Johnston. These paid 7s per annum, or £4 18s in all. '* The seat opposite the pulpit (the memorandum goes on to say) and next to Bobert Johnston pays 68 6d. The seat next the Whipman's seat in the east end of the kirk pays lOs 6d. The middlemost seat in the east end of the kirk pays 9s 6d. The seat next the door in the east end pays 10s."…”

6-times Great-Grandmother Eupham (née Horn) Scott is included in a Descendant Chart in Part 949ss.

My next posting will deal with a search for the Marriage Registration, if any of 6-times Great-Grandparents Patrick and Eupham (née Horn) Scott.

The search continues.  And I just keep on going.

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