Part 951ss - Scott Internment Tombstone

04 June 2019

Good Day,

In the research of my Scott Family line in Midlothian, Scotland, I chanced upon the following Internment Tombstone. This tombstone appears to be mounted on one of the walls of the Duddingston Kirk in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The same image is resident on a number of a number of Family Trees in Ancestry.

Transcription -

Interred Here

Peter Scott
Farmer in Easter Duddingston,
who died Sept. 12. 1764 aged 61 and
Euphame Horn his Spouse
who died 26 Feby. 1763 aged 62 and
four of their Children who died who died young
Also Andrew Scott Farmer
at Northfield their Son
who died Oct. 1803 aged 76, and
Isabella Dickson his Spouse
who died July 1813 aged 82
and three of their Children, viz.
Isabella Scott Spouse of
James Brown Esq. of Milton
who died 22 April 1774 aged 18
Peter Scott
who died 18 Jany. 1777 aged 19 and
Robert Scott
who died Feby. 1782 aged 20 besides
five who died in childhood
David Scott
Farmer Northfield
who died 18 July 1860 Aged 94 and
Margaret Graham his spouse
who died 26 August 1882 aged 74
David Francis Scott
Son of the above
who died 6 August 1888 aged 36
Frances Jackson
wife of the above David Scott
who died at Meadowfield 6 Dec 1898
aged 83.

I had to look up the "viz." at the end of the 13th line. I found a possible meaning that could help with understanding the addition of the abbreviation. A meaning for "viz." is "that is to say" and "to be specific".

As I usually understand something a wee bit better when I can visualize the thought, I have attempted to create a Descendant Chart. This Chart includes all possible named and unnamed persons included on the Tombstone.

The search continues.  And I just keep on going.

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