Part 953ss - 1674 Baptism Registration 7-Times Great-Grandfather David Scott

09 June 2019

Good Day,

The Scott search continues.

To date I have gathered somewhere in the vicinity of 200 documents, give or take. And yes, the script at most times is relatively easy to transcribe. At other times...

I have chanced upon the 9 July 1674, (Julian calendar), Baptism Registration for 7-times Great-Grandfather David Scott.

Source: FHL 7908826; Image 931 of  978

The Baptism Registration also introduces 8-times Great-Grandparents James Scott and Elspeth Dunbar.  David Scott was, of the documentation that I have discovered to this point, the 8th of their 9 children.

Transcription -

9 July 1674

James Scott merchant Elspeth Dunbar ASN David 
Witness John Dunbar Gloover James Dunbar Me-
ssinger John Scott in Baiglie and William Lawson me-

And now the research becomes a bit more cryptic as I move back in time.

From this Baptism Registration I am immediately attracted to three items of note.

First, all the surnames included in the Registration are all surnames that are specific to my collection of ancestors: Scott, Dunbar and Lawson.

Second, I believe I need to research the "John Scott of Baiglie". From a quick attempt, I have learned that there is a Baiglie in Perth. In Walter Scott's book "The Fair Maid of Perth or St. Valentine's Day", originally published 15 May 1828 there are a few references to the "Wicks of Baiglie". Coincidence?

And the third item is the occupation of "John Dunbar" as "Gloover". This is an occupation of interest, as in a previous discussion we thought that the word may be "Gloober".  In the above example the "v" in the word "Gloover" is written exactly the same as the "v" in the name "David".  According to ScotlandsPeople glossary a "Glover" is one who makes gloves. Any thoughts?

The search continues.  And I just keep on going.

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