Part 954cs – 1675 Baptism Registration 7-Times Great-Grandmother Margret Crawford – Possibly?

11 June 2019

Good Day,

Today I am presenting the 1675 Baptism Registration of Margret Crawford, daughter to John Crawford and Margret Scott. This Baptism Registration is extremely legible and provides succinct and detailed information. The Registration was created in the Parish of South Leith.

There is only one problem. At this juncture, I cannot guarantee with 100% certainly that this is 7-times Great-Grandmother Margret (née Crawford) Scott. I do not have any documentation that I can directly make the connection. The documents that I now have indicate a person or persons with the name of Margret/Margaret Crawford.

During the period of 1700 to 1709, 7-times Great-Grandparents David and Margret (née Crawford) Scott had, which I have accounted for, at least 6 children, including 6-times Great-Grandfather Patrick Scott. From what I can discern, at least 5 of the children where registered in the Parish of Duddingston.

All-things-being-equal, from the present Parish Church of South Leith to a central location in Duddingston it is just less than 3 miles away. The distance is about an hour walk.

I haven’t been able to find a documented source regarding 7-times Great-Grandparents David and Margret (née Crawford) Scott’s Marriage Registration. 5 of the 6 Baptism Registrations that I have found for their children do include the phrase “his spouse” immediately after Great-Grandmother Margret Crawford’s name, with reference to 7-times Great-Grandfather David Scott.

At this point in time, I can venture to say that it is a reasonable conclusion that this 1675 Baptism Registration may be that of 7-times Great-Grandmother Margret (née Crawford) Scott. And when more documentation is found, I will work with it at that time.

And, of course, it is extremely interesting and worth noting that the Margret Crawford’s mother listed in the Baptism Registration is that of one Margret Scott.

I certainly would appreciate your thoughts.

Source: ScotlandsPeople_OPR692_020_0030_0201Z

Transcription –


John Crawford & Margret Scott had a Daughter
Born the 12 of December & baptized the 16 
Of December 1675 Nt Margret Wit: John
Davidson Walter Thomson & William Hill

The search continues.  And I just keep on going.

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