Morning, May 12, 2009 - Bread, Spay, and Images

12 May 2009


The weather this morning in Tampa is just the way one would like it to remain every day of the year... No humidity, all threat of frost and hurricanes in the distant recesses of my mind, and all the windows and doors open.

First thing this morning took Rescue Number 2, Bella to be spayed. I started making bread today, white and barley, and am looking for the viability of planting heat resistant nasturtiums. Something else to add to the salad.

Today I am once again wading through my collection of files, images, and documents. I thought it might be a relatively relaxed way of trying to clear out the abundance of finds that I have piling up in the house and in my hard drives.

In many cases I have just stuck to surname searches when I am perusing a microfilm or some sort-of archive. I use either image capturing software or a camera to capture a suspect document, file it and then attack it at a later date. This of course means that there is a substantial number of images that are on file but yet to be examined... and this is shy of the fact that I know that it may relate to one of the surnames I research.

Over the past few years I have tried to figure out a sure-method technique of filing files of images in a way that I can review the file name and almost figure out whether it may be just the file that I need. The file naming technique I use now is somewhat simple and it certainly helps to reduce the time spent in going through my own files. An example of a file name may be:

- 1892 Birth James SMITH 1523480 I2 May 7 2009.jpg

Translated this would mean - An 1892 birth record for James Smith found on microfilm FHL 1523480, Item 2 and created 7th May 2009, as a jpeg image. Therefore when I now look at a list of files in a folder I can quickly check down the list of file names and find the image that I am looking for. This certainly cuts down on time when I, alternatively have to open each file, starting at the top of the list until I finally find the image I need.

And as a further note, I do provide a unique folder title as well, to help with my organization. The above named file was found in the folder:

- 1523480 St Patrick Births Item 2,

which was in a folder titled:

- May 7 2009 1523480.

It may seem redundant to repeat certain labels in the titles of folders, but from past experience and moving files around to different software and drives, this method seems to help me with some secure trail.

Enjoy your day,



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