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13 November 2009


This afternoon, before I lost the time in searching through documents for Sheridans in Delaware, I thought that I had better get the new Sheridan Descendant Chart posted.

This ancestral information is mainly based on the marriage of Andy’s great-grandparents Gerald Paul Doherty and Mary E. Sheridan, dated 27 April 1892.

My transcription of the Return of A Marriage

1.  Name of Groom (in full) - Gerald P. Doherty
2.  Age - 27
3.  Color - White
4.  Place of Birth – City or town. Wilmington – County – State or Country. – Del
5.  Residence – Wilmington
6.  Occupation – Machinist
7.  Name and Birthplace { Father’s Name – Philip Doherty
                                       { Birth Place – Ireland
     Of Groom’s Parents { Mother’s Name – Margaret Doherty
                                       { Birth Place – Ireland
8.   Name of Bride (in full.) – Mary E. Sheridan
9.  Age – 25
10. Color – White
11. Place of Birth - City or town. Wilmington – County – State or Country. – Del
12. Residence – Wilmington
13. Father’s Name – Thomas Sheridan – Nativity. – Ireland
14. Mother’s Maiden Name – Ella Sheridan – Nativity. –
15. Date of Marriage – Apl 27
16. Previous Condition, Groom – Single. –
17. Previous Condition, Bride – Single. –
20. I hereby certify there the marriage of the parties above named was duly solemnized or contracted by or before me, at the time and place above stated.
     Witness to marriage, - Jno Doherty, Agnes Stiggins
     Person Officiating, name here, - W Y Tallon?
Official Station, - St. Paul’s




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