Part 125s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – The GG-Grandaunt Mary Ann (née Smith) Steele Search Begins – 1812 Baptism – GG-Granduncle George Steele

21 November 2009


The Steele-Smith search begins. I’m trying to determine what documents I have discovered which do relate to great-great-grandaunt Mary Ann (née Smith) Steele.

In Part 61s she is mentioned in ggg-grandfather James Smith’s Last Will and Testament (LWT). Per his LWT gg-grandaunt Mary Ann, along with gg-grandaunt Sophia were to each receive an annual sum of £8. There are other details to their inheritances outlined.

In Part 62s gg-grandaunt Mary Ann’s marriage to George Steele is presented via the Parish Register Marriage Entry. Her marriage occurred on the 15th of December four days after that of her parents in 1832. This December of 2009, that will be 177 years ago. My mind is trying to fathom that fact… 177 years.

I have not been able to come across a Baptism Entry for gg-grandaunt Mary Ann which of course could mean that she may be either one of gg-grandfather James, Jr.’s elder or younger sisters. On record, the oldest document I have on hand is the 1812 Baptism Entry for her sister gg-grandaunt Eley, (see Part 87s.) I also have her brothers’ Baptism Entries: gg-grandfather James, 1815– Part 88s; gg-granduncle Henry, 1818 – Part 89s; and gg-granduncle Thomas – 1820 – Part 90s. I have not been able to come across the same for gg-granduncle George or gg-grandaunt Sophia (née Smith) Ventour.

And so my methodology to find some clues is to begin a collateral research into the Grenada-based name of Steele, specifically of her husband gg-granduncle George Steele.

Immediate success, sort-of… The 1812 Baptism Entry in the Saint George Parish Register. George, Son of Richard Steele and Justine Bourbusson, born the 6th of October 1810. From the microfilm FHL [1523656] Item 1, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1806-1831, Parish Registers, 1784-1971, Anglican Church, Parish of St. George (Grenada), here’s the image of the page.

Sources: Parish of St. George, Anglican Church, Grenada 
and Family History Library

And for some reason my yellow highlighter won’t work on this image, so I will transcribe –
A.D. 1812
George Son of Richard Steele and Justine Bourbouʃon
Born 6th of October 1810, and baptised ?th of September

Francis McMahon
Thomas Otway
Francis La Barrie?
Anne Garraway?

And I forge forward.




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