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17 December 2009


And so this afternoon, following my research trek into the life of my ggg-grandmother Elizabeth (née Parker) Crossley, I thought I would provide you with the evidence I am now using. My sources are from the 1861, 1851, and 1841 England Censuses. The Censuses: 1871, 1881, and 1891, in Part 150p, all took place after her 1863 marriage, (Part 149cp), to ggg-grandfather William Crossley. They also include the enumeration of her as a widow after ggg-grandfather William's passing sometime after 1871.

As in the 1871, 1881, and 1891 Censuses, her age and location of birth are provided as follows:

1861 - 20 - Yorkshire
1851 - 11 - Lancashire, Twiston
1841 - 4 months - Twiston, Clitheroe, Whalley, Blackburn, Lancashire

Page from the 1861 England Census
Sources: The National Archives, London, and


Page from the 1851 England Census
Sources: The National Archives, London, and


Page from the 1841 England Census
Sources: The National Archives, London, and

I have now been able, all-things-being-equal, to account for ggg-grandmother Elizabeth (née Parker) Crossley from the year 1841 through and including the year 1901, (see Part 151p).

My next Posting will present a Birth Entry which I believe is, based on what I have found to date, belongs to ggg-grandmother Elizabeth. I have a couple of overhanging questions, but you'll need to stay-tuned to find out.




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