My Tangent – The Dog Bit Me, Then I Bit Me

26 January 2010


And my dentist didn’t believe my story, as he fit me for a replacement crown. As I said, “My dog bit me… then I bit me!” How else would I describe the puncture marks in my right hand and the pieces of broken tooth in my left? And I’m really now going to wonder how my insurance companies are going to handle this one. Red tape, request denied. Appeal, then appeal… It was an act of dog!

Der Zahnbrecher von Gerard Honthorst
(The Toothcrusher by Gerard Honthorst)

Image from an 1838 lithograph
published by Hanfstaengl, Munich

I began the work on my new website, Genealogy, A Treasure Hunt, which is going to be found at Nothing's downloaded as yet, so please do not try to follow the URL address. I’ve been working on the front page. I’ve made sure that my Blog will be attached. I’ve created a draft of the relationships of links and I’m trying to make sure that it is something that’ll be easy to navigate. My expectations are that this will be my form of archiving and grouping the tremendous amount of genealogy and ancestry material that I have and continue to amass.

If you have any thoughts, ideas, and suggestions feel free to contact me.

And of course my eyes are more crossed than ever. The new set of Indentures and Records from the Grenada Register seem to have a new scribe, with a smaller handwriting style. The next two includes one George Smith who was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court circa 1805.

Andy’s finishing the stippling to the forth-coming quilt. I’m really happy about the design of this one, ADII. Just wait ‘til you see it.

More to follow,




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