My Tangent – Up and Squirrels

24 January 2010


I really got into the movie Up as the continuous and immediate distraction “Squirrel” is so, so true.

Grey has been at it again. (See My Tangents on December 2 and December 13. And he’s got the Rats, Tinker and Bella just a screaming, albeit yapping, back-and-forth, forth-and-back every two minutes.

At time you can just transpose into the minute brains of the Rats and you can see the gears ticking.

I’ve got my toy. Squirrel! Yap, yap, yap. My that water is nice. Squirrel! Yap, yap, yap. Time to relax… Squirrel! Yap, yap, yap. And I can watch Grey. He just sits well out of their reach in the branches overhanging the back yard. Squirrel! Yap, yap, yap.

A word of advice to my readers, regarding the Indenture and Report Transcription project… I would suggest skimming over, unless you are really interested, the transcription work. In my short notes on a Posting page that may have a transcription, I try to address my observations and my quick thoughts. I’m not telling you not to read my transcriptions; I’m just saying that after a while they become bloody boring, unless there may be some immediate connection to an ancestry connection. And also, please save your trees, they all do not have to be printed. All-things-being-equal this work should be remaining in the Clouds even long after I’ve gone.

And it was quiet for a little bit. You know… Squirrel, yap, yap, yap. And Tinker’s gone a running. Oh and that’s the 11-pounder who attacked me savagely last night…




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