Part 193s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – James Smith Genealogy Time Line Analysis

31 January 2010


Hand’s healed from Tinker-bite and temporary crown has been replaced. Last night’s and tonight’s suppers were experiments – Shrimp and Scallop Lasagna with steamed Asparagus and salad; this evening Mozzarella Stuffed Meatloaf, Potato Gratin and steamed Peas and salad. We do eat well… I think.

I needed a break from the Transcription Project that I’ve been working on and as mentioned briefly in Part 191s. I’ve begun a visual analysis of a possible Time Line of ggg-grandfather James Smith. I know one thing about me is that I have to, in most cases, see a visual representation or illustration of the facts and possibilities. This genealogy thing is the ultimate puzzle. It’s sort of like doing a jigsaw puzzle without the cover of the box to provide you with the conceptual picture of what you are expected to complete. You’re always hoping that the pieces will fit together without too much effort… Not so at all times in the pursuit of our ancestral lines.

Today I’ve created a Time Line Analysis in which I have plotted a number of facts pertaining to ggg-grandfather James Smith and his immediate family. The time range that I am using is 1760 thought 1850. Here it is –

A quick explanation… Facts based on documentation and data discovered are all entered in black followed by a posting code in parentheses. For example, (P61s) is my abbreviation for Part 61s. You can cross-check my work by entering “Part 61s” in the upper left-hand Search box on my Blog page. You will be able to see the source of my information. All definitive information regarding the Smith Family is entered above the Year Scale in the Time Line. Any information that may have relevancy but is not proven at this point is entered below the Time Line connected by a red line and arrow.

I have included my thoughts and construed ideas and entered them in red. In this case these statements could be above or below the Time Line.

Please feel free to comment and I will be including all my work and analyses papers in a new tab on my Blog page titled, Analysis.




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