My Tangent – Confusion in My Folders and Database

01 February 2010


I can’t find my Access database! It’s the database that I created last year to record the microfilms and microfiches that I have reviewed. And the collection is extensive. My database is/was my way of keeping myself organized. After each lend of a microfilm or microfiche from whatever institution I may be using at the time, I would conspicuously enter key information of each. It was my way of keeping organized and a way for me to avoid repeat-ordering.

And I can’t find it. And I thought I was so, so organized. BS!

I know it is somewhere on my PC in one of my hard-drives, and I know I have it backed up on Carbonite. But I have no clue what the file is called, let alone titled or what the new extension is.

And now I skulk behind the screens of my monitor. I found the file. Believe it or not it was right where I put it, in the most logical folder on my C Drive. In a folder called Research Tools and a sub-folder of my prime folder – Genealogy… and the file name – Microfilm Database.

At times I really scare myself.




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