My Tangent – Alas Poor Yorrick, I Am Fallible…

16 February 2010

Very Early Morning,

And I just keep trucking. My transcription project and search for hints of the genealogy of ggg-grandfather James Smith continues… until it comes to a sort-of-a-halt by my blunder. Yes, that’s right I admit it. I do make mistakes. They are extremely few and far between, but I do make mistakes.

I just discovered that I committed a faux-pas in the downloading of the page images of the next Record. Not the upcoming, but the one I’m holding back until I have all the pieces.

To explain, the next Record of the Grenada Register of Records, 1797-1817 (v. G2-R2) and of the microfilm [1563328] is from Item 10. It appears to be the Last Will and Testament of Benjamin D’Harriette Smith. There are, accordingly, five pages to the document. My gaffe is that I obviously saved the first page twice, first as a stand-alone and on the second page I replaced the actual second with an image of the first page.

This means that I have to re-order the microfilm from the Family History Library of Salt Lake City. I will have to wait, impatiently for it to be processed and mailed to the Family History Center in Tampa. I will have to learn patience.

Oh well, at least I can continue on to the one Smith Record I found in Item 11.

That’s next.




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