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07 February 2010

Early Morning,

And no I do not stay up all hours of the night just thinking about things that I can do, write, or construct. I've always burned the candle at both ends.

Tonight I was getting myself a bit overwhelmed with the number of transcriptions I've worked on in the pursuit of the genealogy of my ggg-grandfather James Smith. I felt that I needed some sort of organization, some sort of matrix that could assist me to get an overall picture of what I've accomplished. I needed something that helped me to immediately see how many Records I had worked on pertaining to a specific Smith name.

And here it is.

To follow the matrix just find a Smith name that you may be interested in and check out the corresponding years. If there is a Part number related to that Smith type the Part number, such as Part 190s for Gavin Smith, into the "Search This Blog" box in the upper left-hand corner of the green column and click on the Search button. You should be presented with the link to the related Posting. Please note that there may be more than one individual with the same name and that the Postings for one, such as the line for William Smith, may include a number of William Smiths.

To see a larger view of the Matrix move your mouse over the image and click on the image. A new window will open with a larger view.

I hope this makes sense, it certainly has given me some more organization.




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