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06 February 2010


Sun’s shining; temperature’s dropped a bit that I had to put on a pair of socks to keep my feet warm. And my old snow shovel is rusting somewhere in NB. But I look at my gardens and am amazed at the diversity of the color brown and the vibrant green of the weeds.

And I don’t dare cut anything until after the next full moon… and that should be 28 February. Brown, sepia, auburn, bay, burnt sienna, caramel, chestnut, mocha, roan, russet, sorrel, tan, umber, walnut... rich colors. Oh well.

Tonight’s attempted menu: Chicken Picata; Baked sausage ziti; Green Salad with apples and walnuts; Garlic Asparagus; and Garlic Bread…

And the work continues in the search for the genealogy of my ggg-grandfather James Smith and the location or locations of his ancestry.

The next Indenture connects Grenada; London, England; and Russia. All-things-being-equal the Document on record, dated, signed, sealed, witnessed 23 February 1809, and entered 22 April 1809, includes the appointment of power of attorney from John and Thomas Dimsdale to George Smith. To my mind, there are no inklings of any connections to my ggg-grandfather James Smith. But please note that this does not mean that there are no real relationship links; it just means that this Document does not provide or reveal any to that effect.

Obviously I veered for a bit and spent some time researching the Dimsdale Family. You never know when I might come across some insinuation of a Smith connection. Very interesting reading of the Dimsdale Ancestry. The above-inserted Coat of Arms is referenced as follows:
COAT-of-ARMS DIMSDALE ( H. Coll., 1769). Argent, on a fesse dancettee azure, between three mullets sable, two bezants and as an honourable augmentation (granted by Empress Catherine of Russia 1769; R.L., 1813), an inescutcheon or, thereon a wing of the displayed black eagle of the Russian Imperial coat. CRESTS. Out of the coronet of a Russian Baron, a griffin's head azure. INSCRIPTION. Gods Will Be Done
My source of this next document, are the pages 209, 210, and 211 of the Grenada Register of Records, 1797-1817 (v. G2-R2) and microfilm FHL [1563328].

My transcription -
Entered April 22nd, 1809
To all to whom these presents shall come We the Honorable John Dimsdale of Hampstead
in the County of Middlesex a Baron of the Ruʃsian Empire and Thomas Dimsdale of Charlotte Street
in the parish of _____ Marylebone in the said County of Middlesex Esquire Send Greetings Whereas a
Considerable Sum of Money is due to us as surviving Partners of Elizabeth Staples The Honorable Baron
Thomas Dimsdale and Josiah Barnard all now deceased and secured upon a Judgement obtained by
and on behalf of Robert Paris? Taylor formerly of the City of London now deceased against James Taylor formerly
in the Island of Grenada in the West Indies Planter now also deceased some time in the Month of August
on thousand seven hundred and eighty four on at some other time in his Majesty’s Court of Common Pleas in
the said Island of Grenada and also Collaterally secured by the Covenant of James Johnson formerly of the
City of London now deceased Now know ye that we Have and each of us Hath nominated constituted and
appointed by these Presents Do and each of us Doth nominate constitute and appoint George Smith of
Lincoln Inn in the said County of Middlesex Esquire a Barrister at Law and shortly about to proceed to the Island
of Trinidad in the West Indies as his Majesty’s Chief Justice there own? and each of our true and lawful Attorney for us
and in our Names and forever? sure? as surviving Partners as aforesaid or otherwise to act demand _____ forever
and secure to _____ and Sufficient Receipts Acquittances and Discharges for what he shall _____ _____
together with full power to bring and Defend in our Names or in the name of either of us or otherwise such _____
and Suits at Law or in equity and to take such other Legal Proceedings as may be neceʃsary for recovery of the said

Debt or in any Manner relating thereto And for the like purpose to sue our and Obtain Letters of Administration
of the Estate and effects of the said Robert Paris? Taylor, James Taylor, and James Johnson respectively or any
other person or persons whomsoever to be granted to us or either of us to our said Attorney or to any other Person or
Persons to be appointed by him as the Nominee or Nominees or on Behalf of us or either of us by any Court or Person
whatsoever having or exercising any Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction or of Competent Authority to grant such Letters
of Administration And also to surrender give up and cancel any such Letters of Administration and to sue for and
procure the repeal of any Letters of Administration or the Probate or Probates of any will at any time heretofore or
hereafter to be granted or iʃsued as Occasion may require And also to enter upon keep take and accept
poʃseʃsion and to sell and to dispose of all and every Lands Tenements Slaves Cattle Foods Chattels real and
personal Estate and Effects whatsoever which may be applicable by virtue of any writ of Execution or
this proceʃs of Law or in Equity or by compromise or otherwise to the Satisfaction of the Debt hereinbefore
mentioned to be and to us and to settle and adjust sign and allow all accounts in any way relating to the matters
hereinbefore mentioned or any of them and to enter into any compromise or compositions? or to give time for payment
of the said Debt and accept give sell vary and Change any security or securities for the same or any
part thereof And also to submit any Matter whatsoever to the Arbitration of any person or persons
as our said Attorney shall see fit And in all things in any way relating to the said Debt or any Matter or thing
Incidental thereto or to any Matters hereinbefore mentioned to represent us and each of us and to sign
seal deliver and execute all and every Act Deed matter and thing whatsoever anyway relating to the Premises
as the Act and Deed of us and of each of us a fully and effectually as if we and each of us were personally
present and did the same And we respectively do hereby authorize the said George Smith to nominate
substitute and appoint any other Person or persons to act under him in any way relating to the Premises
And such Substitutions from time to time to revoke and new ones to make And we the said John Dimsdale
and Thomas Dimsdale do hereby promise and agree to ratify confirm and allow all and whatsoever
our said Attorney or his lawful Substitute or Substitutes shall lawfully do or cause to be done in or about
the promises In Witneʃs whereof we the said John Dimsdale and Thomas Dimsdale have hereunto
set our hands and Seals this twenty third day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and

John Dimsdale LS
Thomas Dimsdale LS
Signed seald and Delivered (being first }
duly stamped) in the Presence of } Ben Barnard, John Willson, London
John Wilson of Drapers Hall London Gentleman Maketh Oath and saith that he was present with
Benjamin Barnard of the City of London Esquire and did see the Deed Poll hereunto annexed bearing
date the twenty third day of February one thousand eight hundred and nine duly signed sealed and
delivered by the Honorable John Dimsdale of Hampstead in the County of Middlesex a Baron of the Ruʃsian
Empire and Thomas Dimsdale of Charlotte Street in the Parish of Saint MaryleBone in the said County
of Middlesex Esquire Parties thereto And this Deponent further saith that the names? or Signatures “John
Dimsdale” and “Thomas Dimsdale” set and subscribed hereto as the parties executing the same as of His
Proper hands writing of the said John Dimsdale and Thomas Dimsdale unto that the Names or Signatures
of “Ben Barnard” and “ John Wilson” set or subscribed thereto as the Witneʃses the Connection? thereof
by the said John Dimsdale and Thomas Dimsdale are respectively of the Proper hands writing of the
said Benjamin Barnard and of this Deponent respectively,

John Wilson
Sworn at the Mansion here at? London the twenty third Day of February 1809 before me Cas Flower

To all to whom these presents Shall come I Charles Flower Esquire Lord Mayor of the City of
London In pursuance of An Act of Parliament made and poʃses in the fifth year of the Reign of his late
Majesty King George the second Instituted and Act for the more easy Recovery of Debts in his Majesty’s
Plantations and Colonies in America Do hereby Certify that on the Day of Date hereof personally
came and appeared before me John Willson the Deponent named in the Affidavit hereunto annexed
being a Person well known and worthy of good credit and by solemn Oath which the said Deponent then took
before me upon the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God Did solemnly and sincerely declare Testify and
Depose to be true the several matters and things mentioned and contained in the said annexed Affidavit.

In Faith and Testimony whereof I the said Lord Mayor have caused
the Seal of the Office of Mayoralty of the City of London to be hereunto
put and affixed and the Deed Poll mentioned and referred to in and by the
said Affidavit to be hereunto also annexed Dated in London the twenty
third Day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred
and nine.
Don't get too snowed in today.




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