My Tangent – The Vampire’s Clinic – DUI and DUCI

15 February 2010


And no this quick tangent is not about genealogy or ancestry research.

I sat at the vampire's office most of this morning. I had to have blood drawn and thought that I would come to the local lab about the time when due diligent workers were headed to their place of occupation. But I forgot that today is Presidents' Day, a vacation day for most. And I think that everyone else must have had the same thought.

And it is a wonder how people believe that a waiting room is a social event, a place to recount all of their family and medical history and to discuss their associated family members to complete strangers united in the fact that all are at some stage of becoming pin cushions.

I also appreciate the fact that there is usually a blatant notice on the wall to turn off the damn cell-phones. And does anyone pay mind? Hell no. Just for once I, and that is me and my curmudgeon super-ego, feel that I would like to invent some gizmo that would destroy all cellular traffic at points of location where it is deemed uncouth and impolite to have every Tom, Dick, and Jane join in on the endearing cell conversation. I would be pressing my damn button with relish to see all the melt down of each electronic phone device. And I have to make mention that the first thing that I always do is to turn off my cell phone. I always do at a doctor’s or dentist office, restaurant and theater and where ever and whenever I am asked to do so.

But I also have decided, that as there are various laws in this country regarding driving under the Influence, or DUI, I think that a national law should be instituted under the acronym DUCI – Driving Under Cellular Influence. If I’m not mistaken the DUI laws and iterations thereof provide for penalties to a culpable party who is a danger to the human or any other race while driving a vehicle under some chemical influence. I am sure that there are a multitude number of similarities, comparisons, and analogous characteristics of driving under cellular influence; that of driving under the mental stimulus and aberration of talking on a cell phone.

And please, before any of you jump on my case for not being a lawyer or legal scholar or that I do not have my PhD or the inclination or associated education to be writing of this matter, I am writing a quick thought. This is Jim’s thought; my thought at this moment… period. This is not an apology. This is My Tangent!

I think my Legislative Representative should introduce the DUCI Bill!




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